Well, we’re still here! 35 years this month!

Ray and Robyn Faber established the company in 1984 and haven’t looked back.

The first Faber Toolbox was called a “Hungry”. It was named after a Narrabri local (nick-named Hungry of course!) that had asked Ray to design him a toolbox.
Ray and his mate, Ron, designed the first Faber Toolbox and it was a hit. Once everyone saw Hungry’s toolbox, they all wanted one!
Of course, they all wanted different sizes and the “Bloody Hungry” and the “Not-so-Hungry” were born.
These boxes are now the Samson II, Hercules II and the Titan II.
The Hungry names had to be changed for print catalogues that didn’t allow you to print “bloody” back in the 80’s.

Here we are now, 35 years later, with more than 40 models and hundreds and thousands of happy Faber owners.
Ray and Robyn are very proud to have established these iconic toolboxes as the BEST in Australia and quite possibly the world.

Faber Toolboxes are still manufactured in the same factory in Narrabri NSW. The business is owned and managed by the Faber family.

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