Ray and Robyn Faber today announced changes to the range and prices of Faber Toolboxes from 1 January 2020

‘It is four years since Faber Toolboxes were subject to a price rise, so we have undertaken a review of all manufacturing costs and processes in order to identify changes in demand for different models, reduce lead times and focus on offering our customers the same high quality toolboxes.’

Following the review, the following models will be discontinued:

Mustang 3, Pro, plain Trolley, Tradesman 6, Adventurer and Ultimate.

Full custom build will no longer be available, but we will continue to ‘personalise’ models where standard components are available (e.g., colour, stainless steel components, internal dividers, etc).

The prices of the Dropsider and Extreme Dropsider ranges will not increase but the remainder of the range will increase from between 4 % and 26%.

Freight will continue to be an additional charge. Please contact us for quotes if not using your own freight or use the freight calculation in the website shop when making your purchase online.

If you have any queries regarding these changes, please contact us on 1800TOOLBOX.

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