Ray Faber started developing his legendary toolboxes back in 1984, not long after he established his one-man sheetmetal works to make flashing for a plumber mate.

Demand for Ray’s capability saw him making parts for cotton seed milling machinery, repairing agricultural equipment and making storage boxes to order.

This led to designing boxes which would become the foundation of the Faber Toolbox range.

A modest man, his focus was always on the toolboxes and their designs, not him as the developer.

Due to their popularity, the boxes developed a life of their own, forcing Ray to keep expanding: from a small garage size shed to a new purpose built factory, followed by a machine room, then a shop to display the boxes, and, finally, a stand alone powder coating plant.

Today his unique boxes with external weatherproof drawers have become the benchmark for reliable, heavy duty vehicle boxes.

Copied by many but never bettered, the boxes have always and will continue to be proudly Australian Made.

It began with the Advance Australia campaign back in 1984, rebadged into the now familiar Australian Made Logo, with Faber Toolboxes as a foundation member.

There are many, many stories out there about Faber Toolboxes: surviving fires, acting as roll bars in vehicle accidents, handed down from fathers to sons and grandsons, often coated in purple for many a lady owner, and even once having a drawer used as a BBQ plate!

Everyone has their own Faber Toolbox story.

This is why Faber Toolboxes ARE legendary.

With the focus back on Australian Manufacturing due to the coronavirus pandemic effects on imports, Faber Toolboxes look forward to many more years supporting Australian industry.

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