We recently ran a poll on facebook to judge the popularity and functionality of the forklift slots on the Hercules V model.
Scrap them…or Keep them?
It was a close result with 54% of votes saying scrap them and 46% saying keep them. Many comments were also in favour of keeping the fork slots as they are very useful when loaded with tools.

So, we have decided to offer two options for the Hercules V model
Hercules V (no fork slots) $3395 and
Hercules V Plus (includes fork slots) $3625

We will continue to fabricate the two models for the next 6 months and review their popularity early next year.
Thank you to everyone that voted. We appreciate your input.
If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to pop us an email [email protected] or pm us via facebook www.facebook.com/fabertoolboxes

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