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Faber Toolboxes have been used by farmers, builders, plumbers, miners, electricians, carpenters, mechanics, engineers and many other professionals across cities and outback Australia for years.

Our toolboxes have been a part of building homes, ploughing fields, digging huge mines, maintaining aircraft, and (of course) enjoying weekends. It’s all about getting jobs done well.

Made (and not just designed!) in North West NSW, Faber Toolboxes are used across Australia by such companies as Qantas and BHP. They are also exported throughout the world.

Renowned for their unbeatable quality and sturdiness Faber Toolboxes are highly respected and sought-after. No matter how tough your work or where your business takes you in the future, your Faber Toolbox will be there for you.

You may even hand your toolbox on to your children or grandchildren one day.

The first Faber toolbox made its appearance at Agquip 1986. It was a single drawer – Pro – and as luck would have it we sold the lot by the end of second day.

During that Agquip 1986 customers kept asking for smaller versions, bigger versions and two drawer versions. In response, we developed the Titan and Samson models.

As our product range continued to grow in 2002 in response to customer demand we developed the Offsider and Jackaroo products.

Today, there are many boxes available to suit a variety of uses, with many custom-made to individual requirements. Here are some of the special features that can be found on a Faber Toolbox.


Special Features

Handles are stainless steel to maximise rust resistance.

Hasp lock is welded onto box to maximise security

Removable trays have built in handles

Full length galvanised piano hinges with brass pins, welded at each end to maximise lid strength and security



We saw one the other day on the back of a ute that had come from Kalgoolie. So Shane went up to the back of it and he said “that was one that I made”. That’s because his signature is on the back of it. Every one (toobox) is individually signed. We had one come back from ten years ago and we said who owns that initial and we had to ask who made it.

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