Hercules V options

We recently ran a poll on facebook to judge the popularity and functionality of the forklift slots on the Hercules V model. Scrap them…or Keep them? It was a close result with 54% of votes saying scrap them and 46% saying keep them. Many comments were also in favour...

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Faber Toolboxes turn 36!

Ray Faber started developing his legendary toolboxes back in 1984, not long after he established his one-man sheetmetal works to make flashing for a plumber mate. Demand for Ray’s capability saw him making parts for cotton seed milling machinery, repairing...

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Announcement of price rise effective 1 January 2020

Ray and Robyn Faber today announced changes to the range and prices of Faber Toolboxes from 1 January 2020 ‘It is four years since Faber Toolboxes were subject to a price rise, so we have undertaken a review of all manufacturing costs and processes in order to...

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35 Years

Well, we’re still here! 35 years this month! Ray and Robyn Faber established the company in 1984 and haven’t looked back. The first Faber Toolbox was called a “Hungry”. It was named after a Narrabri local (nick-named Hungry of course!) that had asked Ray to design him...

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Welcome to the New Faber Toolboxes Website

It’s here! (obviously, because you’re using it now lol) We have updated our website to include online purchasing for our Awesome toolboxes. There is also an online Warranty registration for when you purchase your Faber. As well as a great custom toolbox enquiry page....

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