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Jackaroo III


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The Jackaroo III is 700L x 600W x 860H and suits all industries but is especially popular in agriculture, construction and mechanical sectors where ‘on-vehicle’ storage for a wide range of tools is required.

It features 2 shelves with dividers and a 160mm open section for bulkier items. 3 x 75mm deep weatherproof drawers with central locking pin to ensure they stay securely closed. The sloping lid closes via 2 x gas struts strategically placed to ensure it doesn’t lift open should you leave it unlocked and has a 3-point locking mechanism with a single chrome pad-lockable swing handle for security and simplicity.

The Jackaroo III is part of the Faber Jackaroo range and is also available in a 2-drawer model, the Jackaroo II.
The Jackaroo III pairs perfectly with its matching bulk storage model, the Jackaroo Dropsider XL, for a complete solution.

The Jackaroo III is designed for durability and security and is covered by our 20-year on/off-road warranty.

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All Faber models are proudly Australian made by us in Narrabri NSW.

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This toolbox requires that you have a forklift at the delivery point to unload it off the truck.
If this is an issue please call 02 6792 7210 and we can help arrange somewhere to pick it up.

Additional information

Weight 110 kg
Dimensions 1160 × 1000 × 1000 cm

Red, White, Custom colour

Full specifications

Dimensions (mm): 700L x 600W x 860H
Tare Weight: 80kg
Construction: 1.6mm mild steel with 75mm galvanized RHS base frame
Finish: Dual powdercoat including zinc rich primer. Choice of white, red or custom colour.
Fixture: 4-point concealed mounting lugs
– Chrome pad-lockable swing handle with 3-point locking mechanism
– ‘Faber’ branded 40mm padlock
– Central locking pin for drawers (internal)
– Tamper-proof bolts and nyloc nuts on lid hinges
– Individual serial number for traceability
– 2 x divided shelves (see picture) huck-bolted (not welded) to the main body for extreme flexibility in off-road conditions
– 160mm storage section for bulkier tools and equipment
– 3 x 75mm deep weatherproof drawers with Faber’s unique water dispersing system
– Compartmentalized drawers in two configurations (see picture)
– ‘Friction’ drawer channels with NO runners, bearings or slides to ensure years of trouble-free use ON your vehicle (maintain with any PTFE based silicone lubricant when needed)
– 6 x ‘Faber’ branded stainless steel drawer handles
– 4 x ‘Faber’ branded chest handles (2 per side)
– 2 x lid gas struts strategically placed to keep lid closed
– Weatherproof and built to withstand all Australian weather conditions
– 20-year on/off-road warranty
Extras: Faber welcome pack with Warranty card, pocket brochure and free collectable magnet and sticker.

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